Directorate Of Catastrophe, Disaster and Refugees
Directorate Of Catastrophe, Disaster and Refugees

The directorate is the custodian, protector and verifier of the identity and status of citizens and other persons resident in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. It is responsible for leading and coordinating the Ambazonian government's response to disasters at home and abroad. The directorate works with the international humanitarian community to give vulnerable population resources to build resilience and strengthen their own ability to respond to emergencies.

Emergency Response:
When disaster strikes, we send regional and technical experts to the affected areas to identify and prioritize humanitarian needs.

Disaster Risk Reduction:
As a disaster reduction strategy, the directorate helps establish early warning networks, train school children on what to do when an event of disaster occurs.

The Refugees crisis:
The directorate equally handles the refugee situation in all countries, especially those in Nigeria. Major cause of citizens fleeing to other countries especially neighboring Nigeria is the war launched by The Republic of Cameroon on innocent armless citizens of Ambazonia. The refugees face some serious issues like unemployment, malnutrition, famine, horrible living conditions, insecurity (as the military of The Republic of Cameroon keeps breaking into Nigeria to abduct them). The directorate is doing everything possible empower them to be on their own. It is also the duty of the directorate to plead and rally for support from individuals and international community in other to ameliorate their situation.

In conclusion, the directorate of Catastrophe, disaster and refugees is making efforts to collaborate with the departments of Finance, Health, Agriculture, Climate, and Fire for its smooth functioning because it does faces a lot of challenges such as; means of funding, lack of equipment to detect disasters in advance, lack of rapid means of transportation to save lives after a disaster happens. Provision of good weather forecast equipment will go a long way to aid the directorate to be able to predict weather hazards like floods and extreme temperatures in different seasons or abruptly. The refugee crisis is not getting any better even though the directorate is working so hard to make things better. For the refugees to survive, the government has to fund the directorate more and the directorate has to rally more support from the international community as well as empower them more to be on their own.

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