About the Department

The Department of Home Affairs is the vibrant arm of the Government of the Federal Republic of Ambazonia charged with administering, protecting and verifying the identity and status of citizens and other persons resident in Ambazonia. This enhances the realization of people's rights and access benefits and opportunities in the public and private environments. By expanding these services to every community (both local and urban), the department enables and fosters the the process of deepening democracy and social justice.

The DHA controls, regulates and facilitates immigration and the movement of persons through ports of entry. It also provides civics and immigration services at foreign missions; and determines the status of asylum seekers and refugees in accordance with international obligations. The department thus makes a significant contribution to ensuring national security, enabling economic development and promoting good international relations.

As a result thereof, the department enables and guarantees;

  • Secured Ambazonian citizenship and identity
  • Immigration managed effectively and securely in the national interest including economic, social and cultural development
  • Efficient, accessible and corruption-free services.

A safe, secure Ambazonia where all of its people are proud of, and value, their identity and citizenship


The efficient determination and safeguarding of the identity and status of citizens and the regulation of migration to ensure security, promote development and fulfil our international obligation


The DHA is committed:

  • People-centred and caring
  • Patriotic
  • Professional and having integrity
  • Corruption free and ethical
  • Efficient and innovative
Official Nothern Border between Federal Republic of Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun
Mungo Bridge
Official Southern Border between Federal Republic of Ambazonia and La Republique du Cameroun