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Leadership at the Department of Home Affairs is organized strategically and operated by people who have a heart for the nation and are committed to see that homeland is well coordinated and protected.

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We continue to Bring you news and happenings in and around the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. Keep a keen eye right here and stay informed about everything we do and stand for.

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Who we are and What we do
About the Department

The Department of Home Affairs is the custodian, verifier and manager of state Data for the purpose of identifying and keeping records of the all who reside in the Federal Republic of Ambazonia. It is managed by a team of dedicated staff who hold firmly to the principles of "People First" and do everything within their powers to see that this vision come to fruition.

Our Services
The Department’s core Civic duties are:
  • Maintaining the Federal Population Register (FPR)
  • Managing the birth, marriage and death records
  • Determining and granting citizenship
  • Issuing travel documents and passports
  • Issuing Identity Documents (ID's)
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The department of Home Affairs remains committed to assisting all within and those wishing to visit Ambazonia.

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  • Immigration Services
    The Department's core Immigration services duties are:
    • Administering admissions into the country
    • Determining the residency status of foreigners and issuing permits thereof
    • Custodianship of refugee affairs (where relevant)
    • Inspectorate
    Policy directives
    These are achieved by issuing the following types of documents:
    • Visas
    • Temporary Residence Permits (Business permits, Work permits, Corporate permits, Study permits, Exchange permits, Retired persons' permits, Relatives permits and Medical treatment permits)
    • Permanent Residence Permits
    • Refugee and asylum papers (where relevant)